My consulting services are varied, from helping individuals and families during times of crisis and challenge, to helping large organizations through times of transition. In addition to working with people from birth through adulthood, I also work with schools, hospitals, government agencies, media, and other mental health professionals. For example, I have helped schools (including teachers and the student body) cope with the loss of a beloved teacher by developing appropriate memorial services for the community as a whole and by providing more individualized attention to those in need. I have also helped hospitals develop plans for how to help families in case of natural disaster, terror attack, or other calamity.

I have worked with media outlets and public relations firms to develop surveys about teen stress and to serve as spokesperson on issues related to mental health. I have been interviewed extensively by national newspapers and magazines and have also appeared on CBS Nightly News, Fox News website, MSNBC and ABC Now. I also train other therapists to prepare for working with individuals who are suffering from loss or trauma.

My areas of expertise include childhood and adolescence, parenting, stress, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, tics and other repetitive behaviors (incl stuttering and hair pulling).


I am available to provide seminars, talks, workshops about topics relevant to any of my areas of expertise listed above. Previous talks include:

  • Coping with stress in daily life (may be geared toward child or adult audiences)
  • For parents- How to help your children be their best, Giving effective praise, Providing positive discipline
  • Living with tics and related behaviors
  • Helping children and families cope with the loss of a loved one
  • For mentors, teachers, and other professionals (ie, big brothers/big sis and other programs)- Helping children following trauma or loss


In addition to my book, Grief in Childhood, I am also published in the areas of depression, positive coping, and trauma.